Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bye Bye Filly

On March 22 we sold our 2 year old Bellamy Road/Steal the Show Filly at the 2 year old and training sale. This was Wyatt's first horse sale out of my belly and he LOVED it! While I was pregnant with Wyatt we went to a lot of different horse events and whenever a horse would "neigh or winnie" he would kick, jump, or have some kind of movement. On his due date,Oct 27, we were at a horse sale that morning and he was having a party in there. I was really curious to how he would react.... I thought we were going to have to bring one home with us (not going to happen)! We went to visit our Filly and Wyatt just wanted to kiss and love her, and she was all for it. One thing about thoroughbreds is that they tend to be a little crazy/high strung, but she was putty in Wyatt's hands. Wyatt had one big problem the whole day though, he would freak out any time he couldn't see a horse. It really became quite funny because at a horse sale it doesn't take long to find a horse. The red face, tears and scream would come, but before he could really get it out another horse would be in sight. We can't wait to take Wyatt to the horse sales in Kentucky, they have horses and an amazing buffet, W-Mans two favorite things:)

Bellamy Road/Steal the Show Filly

Wyatt and his filly

Wyatt interviewing for his first job

Our Filly in the sales ring, bye bye Filly

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Gym

Wyatt went to My Gym for the first time today, and LOVED it. My Gym offers the first class for free so we thought we should check it out. We were able to go with one of Wyatt's friends from Stroller Strides, Ethan. The boys had a great time and we are now part of the Friday group! In the beginning of class we have a circle time which Wyatt did quite well with. After circle time the kids get to go play and have different activities that the teachers help them with. Mr. Jeremy helped Wyatt tumble and Miss. Ashly was great with the hanging swing. Wyatt was so sucked in when we first got there he didn't even realize I had left to get the camera, that was a first! We can't wait to go back:)
Wyatt swinging with Miss. Ashly

Ethan and Wyatt on the swing

Mr. Jeremy and Wyatt getting ready to tumble

Wyatt LOVES the ball pit

Getting ready for a pull up:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wyatts "BIG" Green Tractor

A couple of weeks ago Dad and Grandpa had a speaking event so Wyatt and I went to visit. While the boys were speaking we explored everything and Wyatt found many things that he "loved" and wanted to take home. After Dad and Grandpa were done we had luch and Granpa wanted to get Wyatt a little treat. I think they each had a different idea in mind. Wyatts first choice was the John Deere front loader tractor. When that wasn't going to happen Wyatt tought the John Deere "Gator" would do for now. Wyatt ended up with a great little farm set that he just loves to play with. Thanks Grandpa for the great toys!
John Deere Gator/option 2

Wyatt and Grandpa

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring....

I'm out!
I wonder how deep this is?

Finally an outdoor shower!

The rain has been coming down all week here in So Cal so we have been locked inside. In the beginning of the week it wasn't so bad because we were all sick and didn't feel like going anywhere, however, once W man was on the mend it was a whole different story. Since we were all doing better and all Wyatt would do was go to the front door and try to get outside, I decided to let him out for a few minutes in what most of the country refers to as rain, but here in So Cal it is a STORM!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Wyatt's favorite thing to look for on the road is trucks, so he was so excited to get some of his own!
Wyatt did a great job opening his presents.
W man didn't know where to start, thanks Mom:)

Wyatt running to his presents!

This is what we saw when we arrived home from Coffee Bean

Wyatt opened a few things before we left for Coffee Bean.

Wyatt's Christmas jammies!

Wyatt enjoyed his waffles. On a side note you will notice that my sisters eyes are closed, they are like that in EVERY picture, she didn't even know I was taking this one!

Although Wyatt LOVES his food he is always willing to share. You will also notice Elizabeths eyes are closed:)

Brian and I were both a little worried about Christmas this year since last year Wyatt wanted nothing to do with it, however this year was the total oppisite, I think he is still looking for Christmas lights! Santa was very good to Wyatt this year oh and my mom went over the top, so now we look a bit like a toy store. No complaints from the W man though:) On Christmas morning Wyatts Grandma and Grandpa Tuttle, Aunt Bee, and Uncle John came to our house to open presents and eat breakfast. Brian made his special "goodnite waffles", they are soooo good, but kinda a pain to make so we only get them on special occasions.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wyatt & Santa

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

We went looking for our Christmas tree this weekend and Wyatt did a great job helping us. I believe he left no tree untouched. I must admit we were a little nervous how this would go because he didn't have a lot of love for the tree last year. Although Wyatt enjoyed looking at the trees he was most excited when he found the hose they use to water all the trees! We have decided, for mom and dads sanity, that lights will be enough on the tree this year .