Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bye Bye Filly

On March 22 we sold our 2 year old Bellamy Road/Steal the Show Filly at the 2 year old and training sale. This was Wyatt's first horse sale out of my belly and he LOVED it! While I was pregnant with Wyatt we went to a lot of different horse events and whenever a horse would "neigh or winnie" he would kick, jump, or have some kind of movement. On his due date,Oct 27, we were at a horse sale that morning and he was having a party in there. I was really curious to how he would react.... I thought we were going to have to bring one home with us (not going to happen)! We went to visit our Filly and Wyatt just wanted to kiss and love her, and she was all for it. One thing about thoroughbreds is that they tend to be a little crazy/high strung, but she was putty in Wyatt's hands. Wyatt had one big problem the whole day though, he would freak out any time he couldn't see a horse. It really became quite funny because at a horse sale it doesn't take long to find a horse. The red face, tears and scream would come, but before he could really get it out another horse would be in sight. We can't wait to take Wyatt to the horse sales in Kentucky, they have horses and an amazing buffet, W-Mans two favorite things:)

Bellamy Road/Steal the Show Filly

Wyatt and his filly

Wyatt interviewing for his first job

Our Filly in the sales ring, bye bye Filly

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  1. What a beautiful horse! It's really cool that Wyatt gets to be so close to a "horsie." What a great experience for him.